Founded: ???

First game: 0:5 against Tahiti

Biggest win: 5:1 against American Samoa

Biggest defeat: 0:13 against Tahiti

Most famous player: Wesley Lautoa (plays for New Caledonia but was born on Wallis/Futuna)

Status: none

Stadium: Stade de Kafika

Most successful Club: AS Aka-Aka (Champions 1996,97,98)

Other facts:

Due to the connection to France football is very popular in Wallis and Futuna like it is in the two other Overseas Territories in the Pacific, French Polynesia and New Caledonia. The national team was very active in the past as they competed in six of ten editions of the football competition during the South Pacifc games until 1995. That was the last appereance of the team so far. These days there is no organised football in Wallis and Futuna but at the moment they try to revive the football competitions. So maybe we could see a national team in 2011 South Pacific Games. If Wallis and Futuna are not capable of sending a team in 2011 they would be eligble to field a team in the next edition of the Coupe de l´Outre Mer 2012 where French Overseas Territories compete in. In two editions so far (2008 and 2010) the team failed to show up. But it like in the first two editions they won´t send any team to compete in that tournament.

Did you know?

In September 2001 there was a tournament called "Jeux Inter-Îles where Wallis island and Futuna island competed in seperated selections against each other and  a team by the name of Forces Armées de Nouvelle-Calédonie. This was a team comprised of New Caledonian soldiers stationed on Wallis and Futuna. In the end the army club went out on top as they beat Wallis as well as Futuna.

Stade de Kafika

1996 AS Aka-Aka
1997 AS Aka-Aka
1998 AS Aka-Aka
1999 - 2012 unknown