Founded: 2002

First game: 2:6 against Vanuatu

Biggest win: 7:1 against Pohnpei and 7:1 against Yap

Biggest success: 3rd place at the Micronesian Games 1998

Most famous player: Stephen Stefano, Tony Illilau

Status: since 2006 associated OFC-member

Stadium: National Stadium

Most successful Club: Team Bangladesh (Champion 2005 and 2007)

Other facts: In November 2004 there was a football tournament in Palau, organised by the "Play Soccer Make Peace" organisation.

Football is way less popular in Palau than for example Baseball. So it is not suprsing that the number of adults registered by the Palauan FA is about 57 persons. There are 53 male and 4 female players. Due to that fact football isn´t played on exact FIFA ruled. The games are played 60 minutes with 9-a-side and comprises male and female players on one team. The teams are still dominated by foreign player because locals interested for football are hard to find. But that could change in the near future. Since Charles Reklai Mitchell returned from the United States to Palau he took over the matters of the Palau FA in 2008. The Football Associaton is made up of some volunteers so huge progresses a hard to obtain. Between 2008 and 2011 the league was not played because the lack of personnel.

But Carles Mitchell is keen on changing football on the island. In 2011 the Belau Games were held. A football to tournament was also on the schedule. It was planned to be an open age tournament. But quickly it became obvious that there weren´t enugh adult player on the islands. So the tournament was held as an under14 competition. In 2013 the next Belau games will be held with no longer age restriction. But there are further plans for a national team as well. He hopes that Pohnpei offers a football tournament at the 2014 Micronesian Games, that will be staged on the island of Pohnpei. This could be a dream not far away since Pohnpei has now a football structure as well and already signalised they want to have a football event at the games if at least 4 teams take part.

But Mr. Mitchell knows that Palau has te become a member of FIFA to develop football in the islands properly. First steps have already been taken. He is in contact with Mr. Richard Lai, president of the Guam FA. The aim is to gain membership in the East Asian Football Federation. There were also thoughts on moving closer to the OFC. But since Palau is nearer to Asia than to most of the other pacific islands the travelling would be not possible. They way for Palau in football is still long but hopefully with an steady growth. Unfortunately this apperently won´t happen within the EAFF. The Palau National Olympic Committee doesn´t want the Palau FA to join EAFF since they are a part of the Oceania Olympic Committee. But Palau is working towards joining OFC this year.

2004 - Daewoo Ngatpang
2005 - Team Bangladesh
2006 - Surangel And Sons Company
2007 - Team Bangladesh
2008-11 - not held
2012 (Spring) - Team Bangladesh

Tournament record:

Pacific Games
1963 - 2011 - did not enter
2015 - to be played

Micronesia Games
1998 - Third

Micronesian Cup
1999 - did not enter

Micronesian Games 1998

Palau Palau

Palau Palau

Palau Palau

Palau Palau

Palau Palau

2 - 15

1 - 12

7 - 1

7 - 1

lost to


 Northern Mariana Islands



Palau Palau B*


 Guam 5 5 0 0 52 4 +48 15
 Northern Mariana Islands 5 4 0 1 40 5 +35 12
Palau Palau B 5 3 0 2 30 26 +4 9
Palau Palau 5 2 0 3 26 40 -14 6
 Yap 5 1 0 4 13 39 -26 3
 Pohnpei 5 0 0 5 ? ? -49 0

* Palau B was a team that was made up of foreigners living in Palau