Founded: ???

First game: none

Biggest win: none

Biggest defeat: none

Most famous player:

Status: none

Stadium: Sports Stadium

Most successful club: Koober (Champion 2000, 2001)

other facts: In 2005 there was a tournament organised by "Play Soccer Make Peace" organisation. There are no results known. In general this could be considered as keyword when it comes down to football on the Marshall Islands. The only results that are known are from the small league based on the island of Kwajalein which is almost entirely made of the American Army staff based on the island. Football among natives isn´t very popular. The Marshallese people are more keen on playing the typical American sports especially basketball and softball. There probably is a football association on the island of Majuro, that´s about everything which is known. The FA is also not a member of the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee so far. Beceause of that reason it is very unlikely that there is really organised football among the native Marshallese people.

Did you know?

The Marshall Islands is the only sovereign country that has not one record as national football team to it´s credit. Even the most tiny state in the world. the Vatican City with an area of just 0,44 square kilometers, has an 0:0 draw with Monaco for it´s record books. Monaco with 2,02 square kilometers is the second most tiny country recognised by the United Nations.

The local football field on Kwajalein which is used by US Army staff.

Marshall Islands selction

1967 Shamrock Rovers
1968-97 unknown
1998 Star Motion *
1999 Slow Motion
2000 Kobeer
2001 Kobeer
2002-08 unknown
2009 FC Swell
2010 FC Swell
* apparently the second division

These are the champions of the Kwajalein atoll. The teams are mainly made of American military personnel.