Founded: ???

First game: 3:5 against Easter Island (??/06/1996)

Biggest win: none

Biggest defeat: 0:16 against Easter Island (28/09/2000)

Most famous player: unknown

Status: none

Stadium: Campo de fútbol

Most successful club: Club Deportivo y Social Nocturno (Champion 2008)

Other facts:

Besides two friendly games against "neighbors" the Easter Island, the team of the Juan Fernandez Islands did also play against the Aymara people who are indigenous people in South America living in the Andes and in the regions of Altiplano. The game took place in June 2010 and ended with a 2:1 win for the Aymarans. Since 2009 the island chain near the mainland of Chile is also member of the Consejo Sudamericana de Nuevas Federaciones which is a football confederation for South America. So there will be probably more appearances even it they will be rare.

On the 28th of January the first ever CSANF cup was played in San Juan Bautista Town on the the Juan Fernandez Islands which saw an 1:1 draw between the hosts and the team of the Aymara people. The hosts indeed came up victorious at the penalty shoot-out winning 4:3. So the first ever champion of the CSANF are the Juan Fernandez Islands.


2008 - Club Deportivo y Social Nocturno

other champions are not known